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Dr. Madan Mohan Sharma
S.M.S.G. College, Sherghati (Gaya)

Principal's Desk

Dear Students : Always remember the student period of life is the most beautiful part of a life. A good student has a good time management. He gives priority to his learning. They also give sufficient importance to games and other co- curricuar activities. They enjoy their student life without stress and strain. They have a sound judgement and is open to all realities of life with an optimistic attitude. They deal with the praise and blame, with balanced emotion develop a good safe esteem, and not easily bacome victime to disappointments. There will be movements in their life where they will be exposed to be wider world. their personal achivements and thinks they learned will be put to fire test be of good cheer. Be firm. Hold fast to the values and priciples which have became .....Read More

About College

Established in 1970 by the efforts of 14th Mahanth Sri Satanand Giri of bodh Gaya, this college is a premier institution for co-education in the region. it is situated on the N.H – 02,in the sherghati sub-division which consists of Nine Blocks and 27 lacs population with a view to meeting the proper requirements and fulfilling the academic thirst of the students of the locality ,this college has been imparting education to more than 5000 students in various Diploma and Degree courses in different faculties.

The location of the college on the bank of Morhar River in the lap of the nature and its quality of teaching, facilities for extra-curricular activities including NSS and sports and availability of big playgrounds inside the campus .....Read More